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Author of the book - All of You is Welcome Here




I first started writing because I wanted to give my son a poem

to thank him for a lovely Mother’s Day. I was suffering from

post - natal depression and I noticed I was drawn to topics

of self-love and words of encouragement to help people to

feel better. Poetry then became the healing space that I needed as a mother.

I want this book to feel like a home and welcoming of all of the emotions and ultimately

I want to make a positive difference to people’s mental health through poetry.

Through poetry writing, I like to focus on the power of positive self-talk and empowering the reader to believe in themselves and ignite their passions as since becoming a Mum, poetry has become a space of expression. I also hope to encourage the wellbeing of Mums, so they are supported with the intention to help raise emotionally fulfilled children.

Motherhood is sacred and I definitely believe it to be a spiritual experience that has enabled me to write poetry and to feel rebirthed also.

I aspire to be your friend and for you to feel full and understood through my work. That 'safe' feeling is extremely important and I truly want you to feel like 'I got you'.


Rami is an emerging poetess, author and proud mother who lifelong vision is to encourage people to love themselves through heartfelt, poetic story telling. 


She is on a mission to provide a safe space for her readers to remind them that they are never truly alone on their journeys. and that self-love is a healing force that brings about a positive change.

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