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Ashley Siedentopf is the author of Feed yourself fabulous:

a holistic health, and beauty guide to boost your wellbeing,

beauty and vitality from within.  

''One of the reasons I was inspired to right this book is because

I grew up with an auto-immune disorder better known as Crohn’s

disease, which I was diagnosed with on my 12th birthday.

I was very unwell and in and out of hospital through out my teens and early twenties. 


Fast forward 27 years and I am still free from any surgical procedures or having to take medication on a daily basis. One thing

I know for sure is that I never let the disease define me, I used the power of positivity, plants, supplementation, stress management, rest, meditation, movement,  and lots of laughter to heal me.  I learned that our mindset and emotional wellbeing is paramount to optimal health. My book is an a accumulation of all my tips, tricks and tools that I use on my own health journey.


I am now focusing on my passion project - Ashi Belle skincare. I wanted to create something that combined a soothing ritual, a simple routine, and a self care remedy for the ultimate dose of self love. Ashi Belle is powered by plants, tropical enzymes, and botanical beauty, and is essentially a P.M pampering ritual to transform your skin while you sleep.''

As a mother she does her best to keep things simple and to be as present, patient and compassionate as possible to her kids and herself. '' It's a privilege and my proudest achievement, so rewarding, joyful and amazing to say the least.

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